Top 10 PR9 Sites list to Magically Increase Page Rank rapidly

List of Top 10 PR9 Sites: Do you want to increase your site visitors quickly? Is your website not getting more hits? Do you want to increase your google page rank also? If yes, then read this whole article with patient!

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Seriously, page rank is a great matter of SEO. If you want to get top position on Google or any other search engines, you need to increase your site page rank. And now days getting page rank is much hard unless you maintain some rules. Every search engines follow the quality of a website not quantity. And if you try to play smart with search engine, surely search engine will burn you and it is a bad impression for your site and your business too. So, always do anything ethically and never follow any black hat technique if you want to get better results on SERP and it is also very effective for your site reputation. Many newbie blogger and webmasters do not know how to make their site popular and they follow black hat technique as a result they get penalize by search engine.

What is PR9 Links mean?

Generally Pr9 links means power, page rank and authority of a particular blog or a website on the SERP. Page rank is measured on the number of 0-10. Which mean a 5 page rank website is much stronger then a 1 PR site.

Ok, there are many factors on this and you need to learn it deeply if you are serious about SEO. Without wasting your time I am providing the List of Top 10 PR9 Sites for search engine optimization of your website.

List of Top 10 PR9 Sites for Increasing your Page Rank Quickly!

1. plus.Google.com
2. Mozilla.org
3. Adobe.com
4. Slashdot.org
5. Addthis.com
6. YouTube.com
7. Twitter.com
8. Technorati.com
9. Britannica.com
10. Flickr.com
Hello! Now you have a great List of Top 10 PR9 Sites! What I will do with this list?  Nothing! Just put your blog link on these top sites and link back to your site! Err….. but do not play smart!
Oh! I forget to tell some words and it is for you! (And also for me.)
Note- Always you should try to get link back to your homepages and do not target any particular keyword and never spam on these websites. If you do, then you will be banned soon! Sometimes on your first mission! (Even I am also!)
Ok. Let me know how much you have enjoyed this article? Do you already have a List of Top 10 PR9 Sites? And is there any one who has any confusion about page-rank?
Let me know it by commenting below and please share this article with your friends if you love me very much! (Not so much!)


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