Top 10 surefire ways to increase website traffic free

Traffic is most important for blog. Now day’s traffic plays great value for online sailing. Generating traffic is not so easy for just starting out blog. It takes some time to drive visitors to your website. But there are many technique you can follow to increase blog traffic. Here is top 10 ways to increase your blog traffic free what you can follow!

Increase website Traffic Free- Hidden Traffic Technique

1.   Optimize site For Organic Traffic –

You should optimize your blog or website for your targeted keywords. You need to spend much time on optimizing website. Search engine traffic is quality traffic and you can drive huge traffic by optimizing your site to various search engines.

2.   Create content “How To” Posts –

Yes, you should write ‘how to post’ on your blog to increase traffic. You know that users search online ‘how to’ type search queries. And if your blog is well written you can attract more traffic for your website or blog. So, always write problem solving post for your visitors and thus way you will be able to increase more blog traffic.

how to incrrease blog traffic free
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3. Clean and Fresh website structure –

You guess that it is not so important to increase traffic. But it is not true at all. Yes, you should make easier your site navigation for visitors. Having an easy to navigate site attract traffic to surf site for long time. If people find hard to discover most important content they will not visit this site any more. It’s simple!

4. Publish Your Content Frequently –

You need to publish your content quickly. If people can not find some new content daily they will not come to your site again and again. So, try to publish blog post frequently. If you are posting 4 times in a week, just try to increase it to 6-8 and you can see more traffic are coming to your blog daily.

5. Always target Long tail Keyword –

Long tail keyword is more important to rank a site quickly on the search results. So, try to focus on long tail key phrases if you want to get rank your site. Users type long tail key words more to find their solution. I want to say you that instead of targeting short phrase like ‘make money’, target ‘how to make money online’ or ‘how can I make money online free’. If you do that, surely you will get result instantly!

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6. Attract visitors by Targeting Headlines –

Head line is one more important of an article. If someone do not find head line more attractive, they will not visit site. I mean, always give value on headline by targeting appealing sentence. Like- Top 4 Proven tips to increase blog traffic. Is not a good Idea!

Increase website Traffic Free

7. Attract visitors by give away product –

Do you like any thing free? But I do! Yes, people love to take anything for free instead of money! So, you can give away some product to your visitors to increase your online traffic. Create an free e-book and give it completely free!

8. By Social Bookmarking sites –

Social bookmarking is very important to drive huge traffic to your new blog. Bookmark on various social bookmarking site related your niche. You must bookmark on top high pr dofollow social bookmarking sites to get better ranking on SERPs. You can get a list of high pr social bookmarking sites here.

9. Increase Traffic by Facebook Group –

Facebook is still important for improving site ranking. You can also use facebook to promote your site. So, join related more facebook groups on you niche and collect traffic. It is a great idea to join active group with huge members.
10. Join Bloggers Community

So, join bloggers community to make your content viral. Thus way you can collect good amount of traffic for your blog. There are too many  bloggers communities you can join today:
§                  Blogcatalog
§                  Bizsugar
§                  BlogEngage
§                  Tiberr
§                  Dospalsh
§                  Kingged
§                  Kilnkk
§                  BlogTopSites etc.

I think if you follow these traffic driving tips and tricks you can surely Increase website Traffic Free for your blog. If you like this article then, share with your friends as they can also Increase website Traffic Free for their blog!


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