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You are welcome to Technology blog mminhajuddin555.blogspot.com! This is a tutorial and sharing blog site specially based on Technology. Besides, this blog publish on free pc tips, seo tips and tricks, beginner seo guide, online free tools and tutorial, seo tricks, Internet, free software, free download, SEO tutorial, Tech and many more!

Every one should follow these Rules below-

* Do not post any sexual, drug, weapon, alcohol, hard things, tobacco, smuggling, gambling related article, link, images and others in this blog. Even any sexual word, comment will not be allowed here. We are serious about these matters. Other wise you will get bane from this blog. So, be careful!
* You must post only unique article in this blog. Otherwise we will not publish your post in our blog. We are so careful about copy paste content. So, do not post any copy paste article in this blog.
* You must use your real name as a username and also use a strong password of your own.
* This blog only publish English written post/article. Other language will not allow here.
* We do not publish any unrelated topics in our blog. You should post relevant article according to this blog topics. Otherwise your post will be deleted immediately by us.
* Readers can put any topics related link in the comment section in our blog.
* You must not allow to giving any type of ad, short link or affiliate link.  Every kinds of add is prohibited here.
* You can not post any marketing related articles or post here. Any kind of post which has only purpose to marketing will not allowed in this blog. Copy right of anything will not publish here also.

* Do not spam here. Any type of spamming is hardly prohibited in this blog.

* Always forbid using attacking and bad language here. Remember, this blog is leading by gentle blogger. Also do not insult others by using insult able word, sentence.
* Yes, Nobody can blame mminhajuddin555.blogspot for any type of comments.
* Do not copy our blog content, images and others. This blog is copyrighted. We can take any action anytime if we find our content copied from this blog to another places.

You must follow these above rules and stay with this blog, share your experience, invite others to this blog and enjoy with this technology blog!

N.B. mminhajuddin555.blogspot has only the right to change any privacy policy any time for welfare of the visitors of this Technology blog.

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