Top 4 seo tips and tricks to Magically Boost Traffic For your New Blog

Everyone wants to get huge amount of blog readers or visitors for their new web blog. Is not it? But it is a matter of sorrow that some new blogger do not know how to gain this? As a result they do not able to make a penny from their blog! It is must and first that traffic plays great value for making money by creating blog. There is need some  seo tips and tricks!

Off course, to make money from your blog you should create more awesome and SEO optimized content that visitors enjoy reading your blog post.
In the internet marketing world there are many ways to drive traffic to blog, but in this article mentioned here are top 4 best ways to drive traffic to your blog or website!
Look at a glance of top 4 methods of seo tips and tricks to drive traffic-

1.      By Blog commenting.
2.      By Guest posting.
3.      By submitting on Top Blog Directories.
4.      By Forum posting.

Now learn about these top 4 seo tips and tricks in details below-

1* Blog commenting:

Commenting on others blog is a surefire way to drive huge amount of traffic to your blog. In this case, to get better results, you should comment on those blog which are similar to your blog niche. Even, it is most important for page rank! So, always try to drop comment on comment luv enabled blogs on a regular basis if you want to gain huge visitors for your blog. Here is a Top list of High PR Blog commenting sites list

2* Guest Posting:

What is guest posting? It’s mean writing and submitting articles to other websites or blog. Yes, another best way to drive more traffic by guest posting. Always try to guest post on high PR blog with huge amount of traffic, as results you will get higher chance to rank your site on top search engine like Google. You must read the rules before submitting post on that site.

3* Submitting blog to the Top Blog Directories:

Submitting on top blog directories will give you better results and thus way you can get more traffic for your blog! There are many top blog directories list you will find on this blog which will help you to increase your blog page rank. So, try to submit your blog on those high PR Blog Directories to get good amount of traffic.

4* Forum Posting:

Another great source for generating traffic by forum posting. There are many online forums where you can create your own account and by posting with your blog link you can gain huge visitors. You must be active on those forums to get more back link. It is a good idea to register and participate on high PR active forums to get good result. Top 72 High PR Forum sites list

Let me know how much you have enjoyed this article about seo tips and tricks? Which seo tips you use to drive traffic to your blog? Are you already using this seo tips and tricks? Ok, would love to hear from you by your valuable comment!

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