Top 10 free dofollow social bookmarking Sites list with high pr 2015

Top dofollow social bookmarking sites have more value on search engine optimization. Social bookmarking is another great technique of SEO. By bookmarking on high pr social bookmarking sites we can achieve strong backlink, because these sites are authority site and give dofollow backlink for our blog or website. 

We can build backlink in many ways like blog commenting, guest posting, directory submission, Forum posting and so on. By bookmarking on high page rank social bookmarking sites we can increase our page rank and it’s mean more improvement for our site! Social media bookmarking sites varies from page rank 7 to 9. In this blog there are many Proven seo tips and tricks you will find to know more about search engine optimization. Ok. Without wasting your time let’s take a look about…  

high page rank free social bookmarking sites list Advantages!

What’s the Benefits of Social bookmarking for our site? 

1. Social media bookmarking can boost in Social Media Signals and more exposure for our sites and we must want it. (Isn’t it?)
2. Getting link from bookmarking site are strong, Penguin Safe Backlink and it is more effective.
3. We can get dofollow backlink by bookmarking on dofollow social bookmarking sites with high pr.
4. We can also increase our page rank fast getting backlink from High PR Social bookmarking site.
5. Specially after releasing hummingbird (Google’s animal) social media is given more priority on the field of search engine optimization.
6. And back link from these social media we can generate more traffic for our blog and all link are valuable also can help to get higher rank on the search results and too many!

List of High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List 2015
Page-Rank 9
Page-Rank 8
Page-Rank 8
Page-Rank 8
Page-Rank 8
Page-Rank 8
Page-Rank 7
Page-Rank 7
Page-Rank 7
Page-Rank 6

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* Some tips and Tricks for you to do social bookmarking on these social bookmarking sites!
1. Always bookmark on high pr sites such as pr 5-9 and it is not good to bookmark on pr 1 site.
2. Do bookmark on a regular basis and not too much in a day if you want to get better results (I think 10 bookmarks in a day) Slow and steady wins the race! ( Am I Right?)
3. I just want to say that seo is not a short process, it takes time. So, always do anything ethically and never try to cheat. If you do, then they will burn you. (Search Engines)
In a straight word I want to say that I am not a SEO Guru. There are many experts here on this field. So, I suggest all to do a comment below and share your thoughts. I will respectfully accept all your advice. Would love to hear from you!


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